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  • Aeromist 150 PSI 40' Misting Kit w/ Pump

    $289.00 $265.00

    Quick Overview:

    This kit includes everything you need to mist up to 40' of mid pressure mist line. Includes 150 PSI misting pump 110 volt, 1/4" OD mist line, feed line, fittings, nozzles, and clamp kits.

    Kit Contents:

    150027150 PSI Misting Pump 110 volt
    156425-751/4" Nylon Tubing 75 FT Roll
    152505Calcium Inhibitor Filter
    126102Hose Adapter
    2052014Misting Nozzle 10/24 x .014
    20523401/4" Plastic Nozzle Union
    1523291/4" Push Lock End Plug
    25563741/4" Rubber Clamp
    2552603Plastic Anchor
    165186Mini Tube Cutter
    Square Installments