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OCP&E® Cherry/Sandalwood/Vanilla Sewer Cologne, 55 gallons x 4 qty


OCP&E® Cherry/Sandalwood/Vanilla contains an all natural, botanical, essential oil fragrance with d-Limonene and Triethanolamine (TEA).  This economical, ready to use chemical is an effective sewer deodorizer without the irritating, artificial cherry fragrance typically found in sewer deodorants.  Use this water-based chemical neat or undiluted or mix with water up to 10:1 (water:product).  Price each 55 gallon drum is $450.00, delivered. 

The d-Limonene (citrus degreaser) and TEA make this product effective at breaking up F.O.G. in lift stations and tanks.  This chemical can also be employed for lift station cleaning and maintenance jobs.  Simply spray this compound on the walls of lift stations, tanks, etc. before pressure washing.